The Miami Short International Cinefest sets out to celebrate the accomplishments of artists who are truly underground from throughout the world. The Festival is due to be held on 22 December 2018, in Miami, Florida.
The MSIFF is an independent festival in all senses. It aims to motivate, inspire and reward our time’s innovative and artistic geniuses.

The 2017 Miami Short International Cinefest was held on November 7, 2017 at the Open Stage Club.Logo 2

It is the desire of all independent artists to emerge from the underground and share their talents with the public. It is the hope of this festival to provide a platform to help facilitate the dream.
The idea is for a wide range of films from all genres to be displayed to filmmakers.


Every single genre is acceptable.
Foreign language films have to be subtitled in English.
The maximum duration of any entry submitted is 35 minutes (including the credits).
Any films produced by any major film studio/TV network are not eligible to enter.
Films cannot be available before being submitted, and any winning film cannot be made available online publically until after the awards have been presented.